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McIntosh - its all about performance and appearance. Not only is McIntosh gear incredibly engineered, it is also gorgeous!

The McIntosh look is all about the black glass, blue meters and styling that is timeless.

How do you make your McIntosh look like new again? McIntosh Laboratory makes replacement glass for nearly all of the products they have made over the years. These replacements give your unit the proper look but use the latest technology. Original faceplates utilized black paint on the back. Over time, the paint can de-laminate from the glass, producing the bubbles commonly found on older units. The new replacement glass faceplates utilize a special ink that is not prone to bubbling.

Now that you have replaced your faceplate, what do you do about those scratched and dented end caps?

Available now from
RR-ARTIFACTS are exact replacements for the McIntosh end caps. These end caps are made to the exact specifications of the original end caps made for McIntosh and are made of the same high quality material. They fit perfectly, are indistinguishable from the originals and bring your McIntosh back to that factory-fresh, brand-new appearance the unit originally had when new.

Selling an older McIntosh unit? Increase its value by dressing it up with these end caps!

Have your end caps been dented or scratched over the years? Do you have a mixture of older and newer McIntosh Gear? You can back-date your newer units or update your older units with these end caps for a consistent look to your Mac-Stack.




We produce and sell replacement end caps for units

produced from the early 1960s until the end of the 1990s.





C 11, MX 110 (early), MI 2, etc.

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C 22, MR 67, MX 110 (Late), MC 2505, MA 5100, etc.

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C 32, MR 78, MX 117, MC 2125, MA 6200, etc.

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C 36, MR 7083, MCD 7000, MC 7300, MX 118, etc.

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Are you looking for screws for these aluminum end caps?

We do not carry these screws. What you want is:

4-40 by 5/16" slotted fillister head screws


These are available from the McIntosh Parts Department

or from your favorite screw source.

Here is the link to Amazon.com




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