Replacement Glass Rail Brackets






Are the glass rails on your vintage McIntosh missing or damaged?

We are producing a unversal rail bracket for the glass

on early McIntosh glass panel units.



This rail is an exact replica of the upper and lower

glass rail brackets used on many McIntosh units:



C 22 [upper], C 24 [upper], C 26, C 27, C 28, C 29,

C 30, C 31V, C 32, C 34V, C504


Power Amplifers

MC 2002, MC 2105, MC 2125, MC 2155, MC 2205

MC 2255, MC 2505, MC 502


Integrated Amplifers

MA 230 [upper], MA 5100 [upper], MA 6100, MA6200



MR 67 [upper], MR 71 [upper], MR 73, MR 74, MR 75 ,

MR 77, MR 78, MR 80, MR 500, MR 510



MX 110 [late]: Serial Numbers 100Z1 to 999Z9 and 10Z01 to 20Z53,

MX 112, MX 113, MX 114, MX 115, MX 117



MI 3, MPI 4



P 349, R 603, R 778


NOTE: We have attempted to make a rail bracket that is universal -

to fit all the above units. However it was impossible to verify each

of the upper and lower rails for all the listed units.

The rail bracket comes pre-drilled to fit the majority of the listed units.

Although unlikely, it may be necessary for the customer to drill extra

holes as my be required.


Each rail bracket is supplied beautifully finished, pre-drilled and

tapped for the end-cap screws, has the threaded inserts

for those units that need them to secure the chassis bottom, and

has a black foam strip on the inside of the channel

to protect the glass.


These glass rail brackets are priced individually, not as pairs.



018-155 - $40.00 each




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