Replacement Festoon Bulbs





Various vintage McIntosh Tuners, Tuner/Pre-Amps and Preamplifiers

utilized a fuse-like festoon bulb for dial illumination.

Incandescent replacement bulbs have been unobtanium for some time.

Traditional sources stopped making these years ago.


We have contracted with a supplier to produce these incandescent festoon

bulbs on a custom basis. The original bulbs had a white reflector

painted on (to direct the light toward the dial). However, the

paint tends to discolor and burn over time.

Each of our bulbs has a high-temperature white Teflon tape reflector.


NOTE: .Early units used a clip-type fuse holder and 7mm diameter bulb.

Later units used a clip that engaged the top and bottom

points of a 6mm diameter bulb.

In order to develop a universal bulb, we have produced these as

6mm bulbs. For those who have the earlier fuse holder,

merely pinch them a bit so they make good electrical

and mechanical contact with the bulb.


Thanks to Patrice Hassen, Terry DeWick, Tom Manley and Ryan Kilpatrick

for their help in bringing this project to completion.



There are two different versions of the dial lamp.

They are not interchangeable:



7 Volt 285mA Bulb for



C 22



MR 67



MX 110


RR-ARTIFACTS 058-033 replacement festoon bulb



058-033 - $6.00 each



6.3 Volt 250mA Bulb for



MR 71, MR 73, MR 74, MR 77, MR 78



MX 112, MX 113, MX 114, MX 115, MX 117



MAC 4100


RR-ARTIFACTS 058-032 replacement festoon bulb



058-032 - $6.00 each



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