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Are your McIntosh units still sitting on shipping feet?

McIntosh never intended those feet to be used! They had developed the

Panloc system for their units and intended that they be mounted in a

custom cabinet, in a wall or in a McIntosh cabinet.


Those spindly tapered feet were intended as shipping feet - to engage the

holes in the shipping carton so the unit would remain in place

during shipping.


We are now producing custom replacement feet for your McIntosh.

These beefy feet are specially engineered to give your McIntosh a proper look.

Each foot features a unique offset mounting hole. this allows you to use

the original shipping foot screws and mounting locations.


Simply attach the new feet and then rotate them outward

toward the side of the unit for a wide stance.

Our replacement feet are cylindrical in shape, made of black plastic

and measure 1-1/4" across and 1" tall.

These can also be used on the bottom of McIntosh cabinets.

These replacement feet are priced and sold as sets of 4 feet.


Screws are not included and we do not have them - use

the original shipping feet screws or obtain them from

your local hardware store or from McIntosh.


018-999 - $8.00 / Set of 4 feet




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